CBGB’s show: December 1st, 1996

Here’s a classic example of how my memory works: if you had told me a week ago that The Judas IscariotHellbenderThe Irony of Lightfoot, and C.R. had played a show at CBGB’s I would have said “really?”.

But here you go, photographic evidence of a show that I have no other memory of:

4 thoughts on “CBGB’s show: December 1st, 1996”

  1. Hi, Chris! Aaron from Judas here. Amazing that you unearthed these photos. I recently converted the soundboard recording of the JI set of this show from cassette to digital, so it is preserved forever. I actually remember very little of the show, other than it was the first time I had ever played that legendary stage. I didn’t even remember that Hellbender played! Hope you are doing well.

      1. Chris…now you’ve got 2/3rds of TJI commenting. This post actually inspired me to get back working on the BC page…my goal is to put everything we did up there…and perhaps the CBs show will make its way up there.

        1. That’s amazing Jeff. You are welcome to any photos I have if they help you; I will continue to dig through the vaults and you can use the tags on these posts to find all The Judas Iscariot-related posts. I assume you have the mastered CDR of the discography but if not I can get that to you. I feel bad that The Mountain Collective for Independent Artists fell short of actually releasing the The Judas Iscariot discography, so here’s a chance to make good on the shortcomings of the past!

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