Great interview with Billy Werner on No Echo

There’s a great interview on No Echo with Billy Werner that was published today. I love hearing the stories of how different people got into punk and going to shows, and Billy has a really cool background eventually leading to his many musical accomplishments.

His interview confirms that despite their current “cult status” Saetia was a band that didn’t really get the credit that it deserved while they were actually playing. Oh well, we were there and enjoyed their work.

I also laughed at the description of Saetia’s recording experience with Geoff Turner because it was eerily similar to how I experienced The State Secedes’ recording session at WGNS. Recording with someone who treats his work like a shift slinging french fries at MacDonalds kinda sucks.

Lifetime, Milhouse, Mind Over Matter, Serpico, Silent Majority, Stillsuit, & Yum Yum Tree at the PWAC (1995)

I am not so sure that this set of photos was from a single seven-band show, but until I unearth my Mountain Monthly archive I don’t have the dates and lineups for these pictures, so together they go into a big jumble.

As I look at these photos, I am struck by just how big these shows were. The PWAC was a huge venue, and it filled up (check out the one bad picture of Silent Majority below for a sense of just how many people showed up for a local show!).