Man, like the rest of us I have ended up owning a lot of stuff. It’s a demon that I wrestle with. Pretty much the best thing that has happened to me materials-wise is that I don’t have a lot of disposable income these days; it’s hard to accumulate a lot of stuff when you don’t have money to spend on stuff. And yet I still end up having a lot of possessions. This page is a chronicle of those possessions: stuff that I am trying to get rid of, stuff that I finally wore through, and stuff that I managed to pass on to someone else. Viva stuff! Or is it death to stuff?

Stuff that I am currently selling:

Bike Hoists, $10 each

I have three of these bike hoists, brand new and with instructions, for sale for $10 each:

Buy one, buy two, or buy all three by contacting me here.

Stuff that I recently sold:

2003 Kona Stinky, $800 or best offer

For sale is an old but very much hooked up 2003 Kona Stinky. Size is LARGE, appropriate for someone in the 5′ 9″ to 6′ 2″ range.

6″ travel in the rear, 5.5″ travel in the front, both coil.

Component highlights:

  • Saint calipers, rotors, rear derailleur, and rear hub
  • Chris King 20mm thru-axle front hub
  • XTR front derailleur
  • Race Face external bearing crankset
  • Rock Shox Pike front fork with travel adjust and lockout/compression adjust lever

Ready to take to Plattekill or Diablo, or to just go big all over the city.

Cash only: no silly trade offers or other weird inquiries PLEASE. Interested in purchasing this bike? Contact me here.

[This bad boy got parted out on eBay, which proved to be more successful than trying to sell the whole (outdated) thing]